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Unleash your bike's potential with our tune-up services, enhancing its efficiency, reliability, and overall riding experience.


Upgrade your bike with confidence, as we offer a wide selection of high-quality components and accessories to elevate your ride to new heights


From minor fixes to major overhauls, our expert repair services will breathe new life into your bike, ensuring it's in top shape for your next adventure


We are committed to sourcing and ordering the right components that suit your bike and riding style.

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At Bike Werks, we're passionate about keeping your bike in peak condition and ensuring that every ride is a smooth and enjoyable experience. With our comprehensive range of professional bike services, we have everything you need to maintain, upgrade, and optimize your two-wheeled companion.

Our team of expert mechanics combines their extensive knowledge, skill, and attention to detail to deliver top-notch service that exceeds your expectations. Whether you're an avid cyclist, a weekend warrior, or a casual rider, we're here to cater to your unique needs and provide the highest level of care for your bike.


Safety Check | $75

Make sure your bike is ready to ride! Our comprehensive safety check includes a thorough inspection of all bolts, wheels, brakes, and drivetrain components. Ride with confidence knowing that your bike has been meticulously examined by our expert mechanics.

Basic Tune | $125

Take your bike's performance to the next level with our Basic Tune service. In addition to the safety check, we go the extra mile by providing derailleur adjustments, brake alignment and adjustment for mechanical brakes, and truing of both wheels. Experience smoother shifting, reliable braking, and perfectly aligned wheels for a more enjoyable ride.

Full Tune - $225

Elevate your bike's performance with our Full Tune service. Building on the Basic Tune, we also include front and rear brake bleeds for hydraulic brakes, a thorough drivetrain cleaning, bottom bracket inspection and cleaning, and linkage service for mountain bikes. Get your bike in top shape for optimal performance on any terrain.

The  Overhaul - $450

Give your beloved bike the ultimate treatment with our comprehensive Overhaul service. This all-inclusive package includes a complete tear-down and servicing of your bicycle. We handle all necessary labor, from fork service and shock service to linkage rebuild. Additionally, we can install any new parts you desire. Experience a revitalized and like-new bike ride like never before.

Custom Bike Build - $350

Bring your dream bike to life with our Custom Bike Build service. Whether it's a frame-up build or assembling your chosen frame and parts, we're here to make your vision a reality. Our expert team can assist you in selecting the right parts and ensure compatibility, so you can roll smoothly and confidently on a bike tailored to your preferences.

Shipped Bike Assembly or Packing - $150 + price of shipping

Enjoy biking while on vacation without the hassle. Ship us your bike, and we'll take care of the rest. Our Shipped Bike service includes professional assembly and tuning upon receiving your bike or the safe repacking of your bike for its journey back home. Experience peace of mind knowing your bike is in expert hands.

Tubeless Setup - $60 + parts

Ditch the tubes for good! We convert your bike to a tubeless setup on both front and rear wheels. 

Tubeless Sealant Refresh - $15 / wheel

Keep your tubeless tires performing flawlessly with our sealant refresh service. Enhance puncture protection and maintain optimal tire pressure.

Tire Change - $20 + tube/sealant if necessary

Replace your worn out tires with some fresh rubber! 

Wheel True - $30/wheel

Experience smoother rides and eliminate wobbles with our precise wheel truing service. Enjoy a balanced and stable cycling experience.

Brake Bleed - $40 / wheel

Ensure your brakes perform at their best with our professional brake bleeding service. Ride with confidence and enjoy reliable stopping power.

Fork Service - $65 + parts

Enhance your suspension performance with our fork service. Our experts will ensure your fork is properly maintained and functioning at its best. Shock Service - $75 plus parts: Maximize your suspension's capabilities with our professional shock service. Let us rejuvenate your shock and enhance your riding experience.

Shock Service - $75 + parts

Maximize your suspension's capabilities with our professional shock service. Let us rejuvenate your shock and enhance your riding

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"Dave has been my bike mechanic for years because he's the best at what he does! He's super knowledgeable and always manages to diagnose what's wrong and fix it quickly!"

-Ange H

"Dave is the Best! Took my bike in after breaking off the derailleur. He ordered the parts I needed, found some other bits that needed replacing and fixed it up like new! Quick turnaround, great service! Highly Recommend."
-Eric R

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